This is who I am

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

I am an eternal optimist.

Yes. I believe that even a watch which has stopped working is correct twice a day.

What I do

I am a chemical engineer by profession. I am a technocrat. I love to experiment and incorporate new technologies in my way of work. Blogs and magazines are my tools to remain updated in relevant fields. I am a big fan of cloud computing and I look forward to gain expertise in making cloud work for chemical industry.

How I do

I believe in ‘Doing it now’. This is my way of working and living. This simple ‘mantra’ sets all of the management principles in action. By this philosophy, I am able to cut the clutter in mind and focus in the present. I suggest you should also give it a try! And let me know how you feel.

While I’m alone

My leisure time is spent in reading autobiographies and productivity books. Do have a look at my books section. I believe in continual improvement. Coding is also my favorite passtime. I believe in self-learning. I have learnt JavaScript, Python and Ruby from online tutorials, forums and books. I apply my coding skills to solve daily problems. Have a look at some of my projects.