Pre-feasibility report for manufacturing 1000 Tonnes per annum of optical quality Arsenic Trisulfide glass from 5000 ppm As waste waters. This project was undertaken as a part of final year chemical engineering project. The project report can be read here


A seminar on 'Multi-time scale analysis of reaction networks' was presented to the Chemical Engineering depaertment, ICT, Mumbai. The purpose of the seminar was to do a research on the topic and compare the methods fro analysis of multi time scale reaction networks, normally encountered in biochemical engineering.

Spray Dryer - Efficiency and Process calculatiions

As a part of Summer Internship at Deepak Nitrite Ltd., I had been assigned this project to calculate the efficiency of Spray Dryer and find ways to improve the process.

Gypsum wall plaster

Fertilizer industries produce gypsum as a by product in their process. The waste accumulation and contamination of land is serious issue arising out of strict environmental regulations. I did my internship at ICT, Mumbai under the guidance of Dr. D.D Sarode and Mr. Rahul Zambre to utilise this gypsum as external wall plaster by enhancing its properties.